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GreenPoint AG News

    Revolutionizing What A Technology Partner Should Be!
    Revolutionizing What A Technology Partner Should Be!
    Jan 17, 2019 |
    Greenpoint Ag Brings Resources to Grow Your Business.
    2019 Seed Care
    2019 Seed Care
    Jan 11, 2019 |
    The 2019 Planting season is almost here, and you are probably in the midst of creating a planting strategy for your soybean fields. Decide what seed treatment you will use now to save time and ensure your seed is ready to go with the proper treatments applied.

Safety Moment

It is GreenPoint AG’s intent to provide a safe working environment in all areas for all employees.  Accidents and injuries are prevented by controlling the work environment and the actions of employees.  Health and safety will take precedence over expediency or shortcuts.  Every attempt will be made to reduce the possibility of accident occurrence.  Protection of employees, the public, company property and the operation is paramount. Management considers no phase of the operation more important than the health and safety of the employee.

Employee safety is to be the first consideration in the operation of the business.  Safe practices on the part of the worker(s) must be part of all operations. Employees must understand their personal responsibility for the prevention of injuries on and off the job.  Accident prevention and efficient production go hand-in-hand.  All injuries can and should be prevented!

Management will continue to be guided and motivated by this statement, and with the cooperation of all employees, will actively pursue a safer working environment throughout the company.

Industry News

Tobacco farmers needed a good year

February 22, 2019 Tobacco Belt got intense heat in early- and mid-summer, which left growers wondering how things could get worse. They got worse. Read more

Markets try to hang on to rally flag

February 22, 2019 Futures firm on trade talks, export hopes Read more

Farm Progress America, Feb 22, 2019

February 22, 2019 Max Armstrong shares the story of an FFA Jacket program Read more

New tractors, seeder and tech

February 22, 2019 John Deere adds to its 6R Series, releases a new seeder and beefs up tech for its Gen 4 displays. Read more

Want higher profits? Drop soybean seeding rates

February 22, 2019 A three-year study found that yields and profits were lower in more heavily seeded plots. Read more


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CORN 3.7650 3.7550 0.0100 3.7775 3.7450 3.7475
CORN 3.8525 3.8425 0.0100 3.8650 3.8325 3.8350
CORN 3.9325 3.9225 0.0100 3.9425 3.9125 3.9125
SOYBEANS 9.0950 9.1100 -0.0150 9.1475 9.0900 9.1025
SOYBEANS 9.2275 9.2425 -0.0150 9.2800 9.2225 9.2350
SOYBEANS 9.3600 9.3750 -0.0150 9.4125 9.3550 9.3675
WHEAT 4.8775 4.8650 0.0125 4.9300 4.8525 4.8850
WHEAT 4.9200 4.9100 0.0100 4.9750 4.8975 4.9300
LIVE CATTLE 127.725 127.625 0.100 127.950 127.675 127.700
LIVE CATTLE 128.450 128.600 -0.150 128.675 128.325 128.650
LEAN HOGS 56.025 55.950 0.075 56.600 55.550 55.600
LEAN HOGS 66.025 65.800 0.225 66.275 65.675 65.700
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45 F
30.16 inHg
ENE 6 mph

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