Farming For A Brighter Future

Continuously Improving

Farming has always been a demanding profession with long hours and uncertainty at every turn. Weather, markets and governmental policies all can change in an instant, upsetting the best-made plans. While these factors are beyond our control, we can control how we care for the land.
GreenPoint Ag Sustain works with farmers to safeguard natural resources for generations to come. Sustainable farmers make business decisions that keep their operations strong and resilient for the long term, and a sustainable food system supports a more connected relationship between consumers and those who work hard to feed them.

The Way You Farm Tells a Story

Your land is your legacy. Protecting it for future generations is just how things are done. While farmers do as much or more than any other industry when it comes to sustainable practices, the story often goes untold.
By determining what sustainability measures are important to you and then capturing details, you set course on a sustainability journey that benefits your operation and agriculture as a whole.

The ultimate goal is to support farm profitability while protecting natural resources. 

How GreenPoint Ag Can Help

Many GreenPoint Ag farmer customers are already practicing sustainability measures. Our role is to review the practices you have in place and begin documenting those measures to prove that you grew your crops in a sustainable manner.
For example, you may be using cover crops, employing water conservation practices or utilizing nitrogen stabilizers. It’s not about changing how you do business or adding products that will cost money. It’s about developing a unique plan for your operation customized for how you farm and your goals.

Grower Feature

Grower Feature

Jake Appleberry and his father, Frank Appleberry, of A&A Farms began to use advanced scouting and zone spraying on a trial basis, a practice they say has led to reduced insecticide use and an increased number of local pollinators on the farm. 

GreenPoint Ag salutes the Appleberrys’ embrace of innovation to strike a balance between sustainability and profitability on the farm!

Powered by Truterra

GreenPoint Ag utilizes the Truterra Insights Engine. This first-of-its-kind conservation tool allows us to enter data from your farm and establish a starting point. Then, we use tools within the program to take the next step for conservation, sustainability and profitable decisions specific to your farm.

Because we customize the program for your farm, you receive conservation solutions that protect natural resources and are good for your operation.

Other features of Truterra include:


You can access insights on possible cost-share assistance from the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for projects such as buffer strips and watershed improvements.

The Profit Insights feature compares yield and production costs to tell you where you are and are not profitable so adjustments can be made to input levels and farming practices.


Getting Started

To start with GreenPoint Ag Sustain, we’ll need to know a little more about you and your farm. We have a few discussion topics that will help us take the first steps toward balancing sustainability and profitability on your farm.
  1. Let us know your questions about sustainability and our program
  2. Answer a few questions from us about what you currently do and where you want to go from a sustainability standpoint.
  3. Our agronomic experts work with you to make a plan on a field-by-field basis. There is no one-size-fits-all for sustainability! 
Contact us directly to start the discussion or use the link below to provide us with your information.