Where to Begin On Your 2020 Seed Decisions

Oct 07, 2019

Where to Begin on Your 2020 Seed Decisions
It is a busy time as everyone is harvesting this year’s crop and beginning to plan for the quickly approaching new year. It may seem like a fleeting thought at the present moment , but planting time will be here again before we know it. How much preparation are we putting into making a seed decision for 2020?

Seed product selection is the most important decision that will be made for your acres. What you plant is what you live with all year , and no one wants a poorly planned decision to be the thing you regret all crop season. Work with someone you trust. Work with your trusted advisor at GreenPoint AG. We have all the tools and experience in place to help make a decision that will make your crop season a little less stressful.

With ag technology tools at our disposal coupled with agronomic experience and relationships with suppliers , GreenPoint AG is uniquely positioned to take a lot of the guesswork out of product selection and apply sound data to the equation. The knowledge of GreenPoint AG’s team of trusted agronomic advisors specific to your operation helps eliminate the guesswork. No one wants to be a “test plot.”  Invest in trusted , proven , and stable seed products.

Be sure to utilize multiple products to cover your intended acres. The old adage of having multiple ponies in the race is very true when it comes to seed products. Genetic diversity spreads risk. Match genetic horsepower of seed products to known yield benchmarks for your farm. Be sure to get products with the traits needed for your operation whether it be herbicide tolerance or insect tolerance.

Once products have been decided upon , the next step is to go ahead and select a proper seed treatment to protect your seed investment. GreenPoint AG carries all the necessary treatments and has the equipment in place to professionally treat your seed and help maximize your return on seed investments.

Now is the time to be thinking about 2020 and seed. As you harvest this crop , make note of seed products that excelled and ones that didn’t live up to your expectations. Make note of where it was an actual seed issue rather than an environmental factor given the harsh conditions that characterized the 2019 growing season.

GreenPoint AG is here and at your service to make seed selection and procurement a seamless and informed process. 

This article was written by Gregg Matheny , GreenPoint AG Seed Manager

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