Making Plans For Next Year’s Success

Dec 30, 2019

Making Plans for Next Year�s Success
One of the things that we learn more about every year is the value of seed placement , putting the right seed genetics in the soil type where it can reach its fullest potential and making sure that the seed you plant matches your management style. We see great seed genetics fall short year after year if they are placed in the wrong field or in management plans that they were not bred for. As this year ends , most of us are trying to wrap up the last few things and start planning for next year. This is the perfect time to start looking at the information that you have at your disposal to make the best possible decisions when planning for next year.

While there are many different sources for this type of information , the best possible source is your farm. Providing that you have taken the time to collect accurate data , you’re in luck. When looking at a complete data set you can answer the following questions:
  • Which variety performed best on my heavy ground?
  • Which variety gave me the best ROI in a specific scenario?
  • How did my fertility plan support the genetics that I planted?
  • Was there a variety that I planted that did not meet my expectations , and if so , what were the limiting factors?
  • How do we make corrections in the upcoming year so that we have a more successful year?

There are many ways to answer all of these questions through your data.

Ready to maximize your insights? Get started on making your individualized plan by reaching out to your local GreenPoint AG representative to enlist the help of one of our Ag Tech Specialists. Let’s start 2020 off right. 

This article was written by Ben White , Ag Technology Specialist.

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