Everybody Has A Plan Until...

Jun 11, 2019

Wow! What a season so far , and we still have a long way to go. When I look back at all of the things that have happened in the past 4 months , I’m simply amazed and proud of how things have finally come together. For me , I’m located in the lower portion of GreenPoint AG’s footprint , and I’ve watched my growers struggle with and make all of those major decisions that have gotten us to the point we are at in the 2019 growing season. 
Right now in my neck of the woods most farms have multiple crops planted , and the kicker to that is that most all vary greatly in the different stages of growth. Soybeans range from those that have just been planted to some that are already laid-by. Corn from just emerging to tasseling. Rice from ruts still in a few fields to permanent flood. Cotton that is all over the board as well. You get the picture.
I never was a big Mike Tyson fan , but he did have one quote that I will never forget , “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” To some extent , that is what happened to the beginning of the 2019 growing season. Many growers had plans of growing all corn , but today are the proud owners of a soybean/rice farm and some of which is even row rice. Others had budgeted and planned for all grain , but now for the first time in 15 years they have COTTON growing in those fields. It is because of those things and many more that I can’t help but admire and be proud of our growers and our company for being able to roll with the punches , make the in-season changes and create new plans that have helped us reach where we are today. 
With all of that said , we at GreenPoint AG have the people , assets and tools to help you with your ever-changing plans. We have products and services such as tissue sampling , a full line of irrigation monitoring equipment and the most up-to-date , user friendly , digital platform in our industry along with our area ag tech specialist to help guide you through the digital world. Couple all of those things with the product and agronomy support we have with WinField United and it all creates a recipe for success.
Remember in-season management of the 2019 crop will be far more challenging than those of previous years due to the variation of growth stages within crops and in many cases within the same field.  There will be no cookie cutter approach to managing the 2019 crop.  We at GreenPoint AG look forward to helping you navigate through the rest of this season and many more.
Have a very prosperous and bountiful 2019!
Benny Guerrero
Mer Rouge , LA

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