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Charger® Brand Herbicides Offer Application Flexibility In Corn & Soybean Crops

Apr 06, 2020

Charger� Brand Herbicides
Although the latest and greatest in herbicide chemistries often provide better weed control than their predecessors , there are many products that continue to deliver superior results in certain situations. The Charger® brand herbicide portfolio is one of those examples.
“S-metolachlor , the active ingredient in Charger® brand herbicides , is a tried and true chemistry that’s been around the industry for a long time ,” says Gabe Saxon , WinField® United Regional Agronomist. “As a seedling shoot inhibitor , it provides reliable , long-lasting control of most annual grasses and also helps control several small-seeded broadleaf weeds.”
Depending on your crop and application timing , there are four different Charger brand products that could be a good fit for your fields:
  • Charger Basic® herbicide
  • Charger MAX® herbicides (contain a proven effective safener , benoxacor , for excellent crop safety)
  • Charger MAX® ATZ herbicide (contains atrazine for improved grass and broadleaf weed control in corn)
  • Charger MAX® ATZ Lite (contains a reduced amount of atrazine)
Flexibility in application timing is one of the most unique benefits Charger brand herbicides provide. Each product is labeled for early preplant , preplant incorporated , preemergence and early post emergence applications in corn and soybeans. Charger Basic and Charger MAX herbicides can also be included in fall burndown treatments.
Some applications are a better fit than others , however , so it’s always best to consult with your local GreenPoint AG specialist for customized assistance for your acres. That said , here’s how producers typically use Charger herbicides in the region surrounding the Missouri Bootheel.
Charger Basic and Charger MAX herbicides are best used for early preplant up to 45 days (split application) or 30 days (single application) before planting. They can also be applied preplant incorporated , at a depth of 2 inches within 14 days of planting.
“Growers in our area often go with a different product for their preemergent applications , because the residual in Charger brand herbicides can cause twisting or ‘buggy whipping’ in the first couple leaves ,” Saxon explains.
While both Charger Basic and Charger MAX herbicides are labeled for postemergent applications , most growers use Charger MAX ATZ or Charger MAX ATZ Lite for over-the-top broadcast treatments on corn up to 5 inches (V3-V4). That’s because the atrazine in these products helps control additional grasses and broadleaf weeds like kochia , ragweed , lambsquarters , morning glory , velvet weed and smartweed , among others.
Either ATZ product can be used alone postemerge , or as a tank-mix partner with glyphosate products like Cornerstone® 5 Plus and Roundup PowerMAX® herbicides for Roundup Ready® corn , or a glufosinate product like Liberty® herbicide for LibertyLink® corn.
Like corn , Charger Basic and Charger MAX herbicides are a great fit for early preplant applications in soybeans. Saxon recommends making a single application 30 days before planting for best results.
Either product can also be sprayed over the top of soybeans through the third trifoliate to provide residual weed and grass control. However , they won’t control emerged weeds alone , so they should be tank-mixed with the right herbicide for your soybean trait system.
“A lot of producers have switched to PREsidual® herbicide for preemergent applications on soybeans because of the enhanced control it offers on broadleaf weeds ,” Saxon says. “But Charger Basic and Charger MAX herbicides remain excellent tank-mix partners for early preplant or postemergent applications.”
Fall Applications
Depending on your location , either Charger Basic or Charger MAX herbicide can also be a good tank mix partner for fall burndown applications. They’ll help provide residual control of small-seeded broadleaf weeds and tough winter grasses like Italian ryegrass.
Regardless of which Charger brand herbicides you use in your operation , make sure you always incorporate the right herbicide rates and adjuvant package in your tank to optimize the performance of your weed control treatment. Ideal rates will vary from field to field though , so make sure you reach out to your local GreenPoint AG specialist. They’ll help you formulate the right tank mix for your acres.

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