2021 Cotton Varieties: Different Name, Same High Quality Germplasm

Oct 26, 2020

2021 Cotton Varieties: Different Name
Cotton producers will notice a significant change when placing their seed order for next year , but they’ll continue to receive the high quality product they’ve come to trust. This spring , all CROPLAN® cotton varieties were rebranded under the Armor Seed name.
“The only difference between what you planted this spring and what you plant next spring will be the bag that it comes in ,” says WinField® United Cotton Product Manager Robert Cossar. “While a lot of fields are still being harvested in the Southeast and Mid-South , most of the growers who have finished have been genuinely satisfied with the results. In fact , growers throughout the Cotton Belt have reported exceptional yields this year from the Armor lineup.”
Four Armor cotton varieties are well suited for parts of GreenPoint Ag’s territory , so it’s likely that one or more of them will find a home in your fields in 2021. Here’s a closer look at the qualities these varieties possess and where they fit best.
With a wide footprint across GreenPoint Ag’s territory , 9210 boasts a staple of 38-39 , resulting in exceptional fiber quality. This early to mid maturity variety was a new , limited release in 2020 , but Cossar says a robust seed supply will be available for 2021 planting.
“9210 has bacterial blight resistance and above average verticillium wilt tolerance , giving it an outstanding disease package ,” Cossar says. “The Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex® trait provides excellent insect and weed control. It does tend to be an aggressive growth type plant , but responds well to plant growth regulator (PGR) treatments.”
First released in 2018 , 9608 is widely adaptable across the Southeast , Mid-South and southern Texas. It’s a mid-maturity variety and also carries the Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex® trait for best-in-class insect control and weed control.
“9608 is a top performer in university on-farm trials and in growers’ fields ,” he notes. “It boasts a high seed turnout and a very good fiber package.”
Valued for its consistency , 3885 is a medium/full maturity variety that’s best adapted to lighter and mixed soil types in Georgia and southern Alabama. The Bollgard® 2 XtendFlex® trait gives it a solid insect and weed control package.
“3885 has been in the industry for a few years now and continues to yield well in university on-farm trials and most importantly in growers’ fields ,” Cossar explains. “It’s a great fit for dryland acres , but also performs well in irrigated fields. Due to its height , it’s a good variety to aggressively manage with PGRs.”
Another Bollgard® 2 XtendFlex® variety , 3527 is an early/mid maturity plant , making it an exceptional fit in the Missouri Bootheel and the northern parts of Alabama and Mississippi. It’s best positioned in lighter soil types.
“3527 is hard to beat in this market ,” he says. “It’s a short stature plant that’s easy to manage , and it has late-season tolerance to verticillium wilt.”
Cossar adds that two experimental Armor cotton varieties are being tested for a potential limited release in 2021. One is a mid-maturity plant that will complement 9608 , and the other is a full maturity variety best placed from Louisiana to Georgia that will complement 3885.
“The emphasis on research and development is just one reason why growers have so much confidence in the Armor Seed brand ,” he concludes. “With cotton added to its portfolio , you can trust it will continue to focus on developing innovative new varieties that possess high fiber quality and exceptional yield potential.”
When you sit down and plan for next season in the coming weeks , be sure to contact your local GreenPoint Ag cotton specialist for assistance in selecting the right Armor Seed varieties for every field. You can always count on them to provide customized , well thought-out advice for your operation.

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