Beginning The Precision Ag Journey

Nov 01, 2019

Over the last few weeks you have heard from Benny Guerrero in Mer Rouge, Louisiana, reflecting on this year’s crop, conducting yield data analysis, and soil sampling. You’ve also heard from Savanna Williams, Ag Tech Specialist, on why soil sampling is important. It’s that time of year where we look back at what was and look forward to what could be. If you are ready to make data work for your farm, you may be wondering what the first steps in the process are. GreenPoint AG has an experienced ag technology team ready to assist you in beginning the journey.  

The first step is to determine the Client, Farm, Field structure that is right for your operation. This is important as it is the framework for all your data management moving forward. Over the years I’ve experienced several different thought processes when designing the Client, Farm, Field structure. Some customers have chosen to create a farm that represents a landlord, and all associated fields will be under the farm. Others have chosen to establish the farm by geography with multiple landlords in each farm. Make sure to do what is right for your business.

The second step is to determine the boundaries of the field. If you have georeferenced boundaries in a digital format, we can most likely upload those boundaries into our software. If you don’t have georeferenced boundaries, bring a map of the fields, and we can hand draw the boundaries in the software. When time allows, we can drive the field edges to get a more accurate boundary. The best way to determine a field’s boundary is probably by how the FSA designates the field. Even though we often “jump” turnrows, it is best to boundary a field in such a way that makes reporting easiest. We can always create “seasoned” fields to group several fields into one and make them easier to manage.

Once your fields have been mapped, we can discuss in detail how applying specific ag technology tools can support the goals you have for your operation. We look forward to helping you as you begin the precision ag journey.  Contact your local GreenPoint AG representative to get started. 

This article was written by Ben Carlisle, Ag Technology Manager.

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