Hughes, AR

11046 Hwy 38 East
Hughes, AR 72348



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Welcome to Hughes, AR

Thomas Turner Meurrier

Location Manager
Office Phone:  (870) 339-2014
Cell Phone: (870) 270-7545

Precision Ag Technology Services in Hughes, AR

GreenPoint Ag is the leader in delivering professional agronomy services in Hughes, AR. We work with farmers to deliver the most robust solutions that maximize crop production using advanced AccuField Ag Technology.



A highly efficient distribution system ensures broad product selection across a wide range of crops at your nearby retail outlet.

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Crop Protection

Through a partnership with WinField United, we provide a proprietary line of advanced adjuvants and crop protection options you won’t find anywhere else in the industry.

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We offer a full range of high-quality nutrients, backed by integrity, reliability, knowledge and serviceability for your peace of mind.

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Agronomic Services

Backed by 100+ field trials each year, our agronomists provide customer-focused and farmer-trusted recommendations while also solving leading-edge problems.

Custom Ag Technology Solutions

From crop management services to farming technology, GreenPoint Ag provides the big picture for building an ag tech strategy that simply works.

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We review your goals and then determine what tools and services will best help you realize the maximum return for your farm. We’ll consider soil and tissue sampling, field mapping and other options to evaluate your operation.

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Data Collection and Consulting

Our team helps you collect data throughout the season – from planting records to in-season management to yield data collection. We then work together to formulate recommendations based on ROI for the season ahead.

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We have the people and equipment needed to execute customized plans for your fields. We may use variable rate technology, precision planting, aerial prescriptions, or many other tools to achieve the goals we set together.