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Welcome to Covington, TN

Location Manager: Todd Rankin


Office Phone: (901) 476-8693

Cell Phone:  (901) 355-8692

Comprehensive Agronomy Service in Covington, TN

GreenPoint Ag specializes in providing professional agronomy services in Covington, TN. Our strategies for delivering precision crop management services, ag technology solutions and farming technology are what make us the leader in the industry.



Our precision ag technology services in Covington, TN, offer access to the leading brands including Deltapine, NK, CROPLAN, Armor, DeKalb/Asgrow and more. Increase efficiency and usage of inputs with our seed treatments and variable rate prescriptions.

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Pest Management Services in Covington, TN

Our exceptional crop production and protection services are backed by our partnership with WinField United.

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Our goal is increased crop production for all of our customers. Your crop consultant in Covington, TN, will help you to maximize yields through precision expertise.

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Agricultural Consultant in Covington, TN

We perform over 100 field scouting trials each and every year that provides insights to help increase crop production for farmers across the South.

Our Services

We partner with farmers, industry and retailers to deliver the most robust agronomic solutions in Covington, TN. From agronomy supplies to a full gamut of crop production services, see how we can change the way you work today.

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We start with a comprehensive evaluation of your goals in order to determine the optimal strategy to increase your yields, including field scouting, tissue sampling and more.

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We consult with you to determine how to increase your ROI using sophisticated solutions such as AccuField Ag Technology in Covington, TN.

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Whether you need a soil moisture monitoring system, crop inputs or consultation, we deliver our solutions with care.