Let's Talk Details

Have questions about the merger between GreenPoint Ag, Tennessee Farmers Cooperative's Wholesale Agronomy, and Agri-AFC? Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

General Questions

What are the details of the merger?
Why are Agri-AFC, LLC, GreenPoint AG, LLC, and Tennessee Farmers Cooperative Wholesale Agronomy merging?
This has been called a merger, not an acquisition. What’s the difference?
What is the timeline for the merger?
Who will be leading the merged companies?
Where will GreenPoint AG be headquartered?
Will GreenPoint AG continue to operate all legacy facilities?
Which website should I look to for news and updates?
Will GreenPoint AG maintain current staffing levels of all legacy companies so I can expect the same level of service I have received in the past?
What does this merger offer customers?
Can I still use the COOP fleet purchase program to buy pickups for my operation?
How will the credit process change?
Where will my account be held on September 3, 2020?
Who do I pay for purchases that I have already made with my legacy company and are due after October 1, 2020?
Are the financing programs changing?
Can I still participate in the WinField United Catalyst program?
Does GreenPoint AG have an ag technology program that can help me better understand this complex part of my business?

Member Information

Are there any management changes expected?
How will the GreenPoint Ag Holdings, LLC board be selected?
When will the fiscal year-end be?