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Farming is Changing. We can Help.® We at GreenPoint AG are proud to provide you with the expertise and support to get the most out of every acre.

Safety is a core value and at the forefront of all of our operations. It is GreenPoint AG’s intent to provide a safe working environment in all areas for all employees.  Accidents and injuries are prevented by controlling the work environment and the actions of employees.  Health and safety will take precedence over expediency or shortcuts. Every attempt will be made to reduce the possibility of accident occurrence. Protection of employees, the public, company property and the operation is paramount. Management considers no phase of the operation more important than the health and safety of the employee.

Employees must understand their personal responsibility for the prevention of injuries on and off the job. Accident prevention and efficient production go hand-in-hand.  All injuries can and should be prevented!

Management will continue to be guided and motivated by this statement, and with the cooperation of all employees, will actively pursue a safer working environment throughout the company.

Industry News

Cotton, how to farm it for a profit

April 1, 2020 Variety, fiber quality, fertilizer, weed control, and spraying for bugs are a few cotton farming essentials worth spending money on that will help to maximize your return on your investment. Read more

Cottonseed too cheap, but dairies are frugal

April 1, 2020 If the price of cottonseed moves too high, it gets kicked out of dairy and other livestock ration mixes. Read more

Afternoon Market Recap for April 1, 2020

April 1, 2020 Wall St. woes hammer grain prices. Read more

ReConnect application deadline extended to April 15, 2020

April 1, 2020 Funded extended to give rural businesses, communities extra time to apply during COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Prepare for the unexpected

April 1, 2020 Transform® WG insecticide puts you in control Read more


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CORN 3.4175 3.4075 0.0100 3.4175 3.4075 3.4125 3.4075
SOYBEANS 8.6475 8.6275 0.0200 8.6575 8.5725 8.6475 8.6275
SOYBEANS 8.6925 8.6725 0.0200 8.7000 8.6175 8.6875 8.6725
SOYBEANS 8.7125 8.6875 0.0250 8.7125 8.6375 8.7025 8.6875
WHEAT 5.5175 5.5025 0.0150 5.5325 5.4925 5.5025 5.5025
WHEAT 5.4875 5.4775 0.0100 5.5025 5.4675 5.4725 5.4775
LIVE CATTLE 97.325 101.825 -4.500 100.000 97.325 99.100 97.325
LIVE CATTLE 87.575 92.075 -4.500 90.575 87.575 89.075 87.575
LEAN HOGS 49.200 52.200 -3.000 51.600 49.200 51.400 49.200
LEAN HOGS 49.975 52.975 -3.000 52.000 49.975 52.000 49.975
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