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This innovative and all-inclusive precision ag program brings together multiple points of farm data and analysis tools to help you utilize crop inputs more efficiently and maximize yield potential. Incompass® bundles our ag technology products and services to give you the big picture in building a clear path forward. Our precision experts will be there every step of the way to provide recommendations and training to help you meet your farm’s individual needs.

Incompass AG Technology


Field Mapping

Yield Analysis

Product Trial Setup

Variable Rate Application

Field Scouting

Enterprise Data Management

Record Keeping

Scouting Application

Aerial Prescriptions

Wireless Data Transfer

Soil Sampling

Tissue Sampling

In-Season Imagery

Historical NDVI Maps

In-Season Nitrate Testing

Fertilizer Recommendations

Planting Recommendations

​Soil Moisture Monitoring

Local Weather Data

Precision Ag Training

WinField® United R7® Tool


WinField United's  R7® Tool is a key component of Incompass®. A comprehensive precision farming solution that provides unbiased product performance information and critical field information to help develop and evaluate variable-rate prescriptions. Watch the video to learn more.




FieldAlytics is designed to improve operational efficiencies, generate more revenue per machine/man and provide a higher level of service to its customers. The software allows the user to manage farm and field boundary profiles, track equipment in real time, and build maps using as-applied layers, planting, yield data, Veris zones and multiple other data layers available. FieldAlytics also enables the management of work orders for application, soil sampling and most other field operational services.

Field Alytics

Climate FieldView™

Climate FieldView™ does the listening so you can get the most out of every acre. Each farm is different. Every field is unique. Use Climate FieldView™ to make data-driven decisions to maximize your return on every acre. Collect and analyze field data, measure performance, monitor nitrogen, and build tailored seeding prescriptions.

Other Incompass® Tools


AG Technology Team
MS Delta
Chandler Cooper
North MS Delta
Carey Webb
North LA
Nathan Barnett
Bootheel MO/West TN/KY
Ben White
South AR
Billy Golden
South LA
Alex Lee
NE AR/Bootheel
Connor Bartlett
NE AR/Bootheel
Jace McDaniel
Clint Blaha
Ag Technology Manager
Ben Carlisle
Ag Tech Specialist 
Savanna Cox


Our mobile learning lab was built as an educational tool to support GreenPoint AG customers and employees. It is a self-contained portable learning lab equipped with eight computer work stations and Wi-Fi. We have traveled to seven states conducting ag technology trainings on the farm and showcasing product demonstrations at tradeshows. We are ready to help you take your precision ag knowledge to the next level. Watch for the learning lab's arrival at a GreenPoint AG location near you.

See upcoming events.

Green Point AG Mobile Learning Lab
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GreenPoint AG: Dealing in Ag Tech Down in the Delta

Precision-farming veteran Ben Carlisle is the Agricultural Technology Manager for GreenPoint AG, LLC, a retailer with locations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, and Missouri (with headquarters in Memphis, TN). He additionally pulls double duty as an Answer Tech® “Expert” that uses FieldAlytics, WinField®  United's R7® Tool and NutriSolutions® platform, Farmobile, and Climate FieldView™, all in the name of providing GreenPoint’s many customers a higher level of service in his day-to-day role. Read More.