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Top 7 Reasons to Add PREsidual® to Your Burndown Tank Mix

Feb 28, 2019

PREsidual® herbicide is a pre-mix of two active ingredients from two sites of action, metribuzin and s-Metolachlor. PREsidual® delivers residual control on hard-to-control weeds, providing more flexibility in your post-emergent herbicide application timing while still starting off with a clean field.

Top 6 Reasons to Use PREsidual® on Your Soybean Acre
1. Convenience in Application Timing: In soybeans, PREsidual® is labeled for surface application from 30 days prior to planting up until crop emergence and can also be incorporated before planting (up to 14 days before planting)

2. Weed Control: PREsidual® provides robust pre-emergent control of both small-seeded grasses and broadleafs, such as henbit, marestail, pigweed, ragweed, mustards, and lambsquarter.

3. PREsidual® herbicide is a premix of two active ingredients (s-metolachlor and metribuzin) from two different modes of action (groups 15, 5) for weed management in soybeans and potatoes.   

4. Save your PPO (group 14) MOA for in-crop use.

5. Tank Mix: To control emerged weeds in a burndown application, PREsidual® can be tank-mixed with Cornerstone® Plus (group 9), 2,4-D (group 4), and other burndown herbicides.

6. Fights Weed Resistance: Utilizing PREsidual® herbicide (MOA groups 15, 5) allows for you to build your best herbicide application toolbox against weed resistance when used in conjunction with groups 9, 4, and 14. 

7. Residual control delivers a clean field at crop emergence and extends the window for post-emergent herbicide applications to later in the season.

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