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GreenPoint AG Continues its Core Commitment to Safety

Apr 03, 2019

In GreenPoint AG’s ongoing effort to maintain the highest level of safety across its organization, all 52 of GreenPoint’s locations are now certified through ResponsibleAg.
“We followed ResponsibleAg from the beginning and felt that it was an outstanding program. It provides a higher level of scrutiny for our safety and compliance programs,” said Tim Bogy, Environmental Health and Safety Manager for GreenPoint AG and member of ResponsibleAg’s Technical Committee. “It protects the communities we are in, it ensures the safety of our employees and it protects the environment.”
ResponsibleAg is an industry-led initiative founded to assist input-supply agribusinesses in safety and compliance and assure participants are meeting federal regulations and engaging in best management practices to keep safety at the forefront of their operations. Certification at each location includes an audit of over 300 comprehensive questions broken down into the functional areas of the facility. While recertification through ResponsibleAg takes place every 3 years, GreenPoint takes the extra step to ensure continued excellence with its own quarterly audits at each location.
An early adopter of the ResponsibleAg program, GreenPoint AG made a firm commitment to bring all facilities into full compliance and continually improve practices to provide a safe workplace for employees. 
“We will never complete the task of having a ‘safe workplace,’” says ResponsibleAg Board Member and GreenPoint’s Director of Operations, Kent McPherson. “We experience constant change in our operations from new employees, new or different processes or equipment, new regulations, new customers and on and on. Those variables and many more will demand that we maintain extreme focus in this vital part of our business.”
McPherson adds, “Providing a safe workplace for our employees and caring about the communities in which we operate are core values of the organization, and we see it as our responsibility as an organization to take care of those that help us to be successful.”

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