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Revolutionizing What A Technology Partner Should Be!

Jan 17, 2019

An Enviroment Made for the Farm.

The InCompass Learning Lab by GreenPoint AG was commissioned in 2015 as a tool to facilitate the training of customers and employees of the benefits of ag technology.  It’s a 32ft Featherlite Trailer equipped with 8 work stations, two presentation TV’s, heat/air, and internet.  It is extremely versatile and able to adopt to any kind of training environment.  Due to its versatility, GreenPoint AG has used it to train large groups of customers and employees, conducted customized, on the farm training, and set it up to promote technology at trade shows. During its tenure, it has traveled from the Bootheel of Missouri to South Louisiana, and around the coastal bend of TX to Elsa.  Once inside, attendees are treated to an environment primed for learning.

GreenPoint AG is Invested in Your Operation.

Technology, especially in agriculture, is advancing at an exponential rate.  It is extremely difficult to stay abreast of the latest and greatest software or hardware.  That’s why GreenPoint AG has a team of 13 dedicated individuals to assist you on the farm.    The Winfield United Answer Plots are a great place to incorporate agronomy and technology.  We have the opportunity to host multiple growers in the mobile learning lab bringing insights on cutting edge technology while in the field.  There is no better scenario than being able to showcase the technology then step outside to verify with “boots on the ground”.
Technology is changing so rapidly; many farms struggle to keep their employees trained on the latest button push. This is easily understood since it has been about 9 months of no interaction and they’re trying to remember how to set up the planter, sprayer, or harvester in the software. The collection of accurate data starts in the cab.  That’s why GreenPoint AG offers the service of bringing the trailer to your farm to conduct on the farm training for all your employees.  It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate to your employees how to collect accurate and useable data. 

GreenPoint AG Brings Resources to Grow YOUR Business. 

GreenPoint AG is committed to the success of your business!  Whether it is in a larger group setting or customized training on the farm, we want to help you.  GreenPoint AG realizes that in the current market, having a retail partner can help drive success for your operation.  We are committed to working with our other partners to get this done.  An example of a customized training may include having your local equipment dealer in attendance to provide equipment training, or even having your agronomist on hand to review chemical mixing orders.  We have dates after Feb 11th available for the mobile learning lab.  If this kind of opportunity would benefit your business, please contact your local GreenPoint AG advisor to schedule a time.

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