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Local and State Officials on Scene for Hardinsburg, Kentucky Facility Fire

Oct 14, 2019

Local and State Officials on Scene for Ag Retail Facility Fire
(Hardinsburg, Kentucky - October 14, 2019) – GreenPoint AG’s Hardinsburg, Kentucky fertilizer house caught fire around 11am, Monday, October 14, 2019. 
“We believe the fire began as an electrical fire and are working with local and state officials to determine the best course of action at this time,” says Tim Bogy, GreenPoint AG’s Environmental, Health and Safety Manager. “Various fertilizers and crop protection products were in the facility at the start of the fire, but this facility does not house any explosive products.” 
The Kentucky State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is on scene assessing the fire and setting up air quality monitors. State and local fire chiefs and deputies have deployed the first group of firefighters to the fire. There have been no injuries, but all precautions will continue to be taken until the fire is exhausted. 

GreenPoint AG has 54 facilities in 7 states, and is headquartered in Memphis, TN. 

Tim Bogy – Environmental, Health and Safety Manager


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