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Insights in Plant Health and Nutrition

Jun 20, 2018

Plant Nutrition

It looks like we have survived all of the bumps and bruises of this past Spring, from the cold weather, rain, and replants to now finally having all of those rows out there across the Delta beginning to fill in solid green. In my area of Northeast Louisiana that is what is happening, and it is happening fast. Right now time and attention is being given to in-season plant health/nutrition and how growers can protect and maximize their investment by making sure that their crops are healthy and firing on all cylinders.  

I always look forward to this point in the growing season, because we have a perfect opportunity to see what is going on inside of the plants in the field. In order to do this, we at GreenPoint AG team up with WinField United to offer one of the best in-season nutrient measuring systems available in the industry: the NutriSolution 360® System. This tool can give growers insight into what is happening with vital macro and micronutrients inside the plant, helping them identify and correct deficiencies and maximize yield. I like to use it not only to test for deficiencies in fields, but also to validate that our fertility program we are running is giving the grower the most bang for his or her buck.

Why is that area of my field yielding lower or does not have the same color as the rest of the field?

I put out extra phosphate and potash this year.  I wonder if it is available in the plant yet?

Are my micronutrients at high enough levels heading into pod set?

This system can be used to help answer all of those questions and many more. 

In order to get a complete picture, it is always good to look at the NutriSolution 360® results in conjunction with soil grid samples. Also, soil compaction should not ever be ruled out when analyzing fertility data. There is no substitute for taking a shovel to the field and checking for compaction in those areas in question. If the roots cannot penetrate the soil efficiently, nutrient uptake will surely be hindered. 

The NutriSolution 360® System is just one part - but a very important part - of a complete fertility management system.  Proper plant growth staging and tissue collection technique is a must in order to provide accurate data with this system. We at GreenPoint AG have been trained to utilize this technology to give you the most benefit. I urge you to reach out to your local GreenPoint AG representative to see how this tool may fit into your current fertility system.  

May you have a very prosperous and bountiful 2018,

Benny Guerrero
Mer Rouge, Louisiana 


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