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Clean-Up Expected to be Completed Today

Oct 16, 2019

Clean-up continues today in Hardinsburg, Kentucky, following a fire that demolished the location’s fertilizer storage facility.
After working late into the night Tuesday, the majority of the fertilizer and crop protection product stored within the facility have been removed and contained with the remaining product expected to be cleared by mid-afternoon. 
GreenPoint AG’s Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Tim Bogy, says last night’s rain did not cause any threat to the clean-up. “With all of the remaining product securely stored and covered on the concrete slab with tarps to protect the environment around the site, the rain was not an issue and posed no environmental implications.”
GreenPoint AG will continue to work with the Environmental Protection Agency in Kentucky and will test both the soil and water around the facility in the coming weeks to ensure community safety. Clean-up is expected to be completed today.

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